Hi! My name is Jill Andréka. I’m a 23 year old visual design student at Luca School of Arts in Ghent.

Ever since I was little I was a fan of art. Instead of playgrounds, my parents took me and my brother to museums. From the age of six to eighteen I went to an artacademy every saturday morning. I learned anaglog techniques that I still use to this day in my digital designs. Going to artschool was a very logical next step for me.

I gratuated in 2022 as a graphic designer at Luca School of Arts and I am now continuing my journey as a digital designer. My portfolio is a combination of the two.

Visual design is not always easy and this journey is not without a few bumps in the road. But I’m very eagre to learn and am growing as a designer with every project. So today I present you my ever growing portfolio.