Project 2 - KhruangbinAIRPLANEmode

Digital studio 2022

In the digital studio we created an online experience for a band or artist of our choice. I chose Khruangbin (it means airplane) a band located in Texas.  With influences of classic, dub, funk & phychedelia, their music is promised to put you in a relaxed state.

For Khruangbin i created Khruangbin AIRPLANEmode. And extension for the Do Not Disturb function in iOS 15. When the AIRPLANEmode is activated, all social media apps will be blocked and you can chose your goals. Do you want to work of just relax? AIRPLANEmode will create the ultimate environment for your needs. You can make your own preset or you can choose one that is already in the app. 

Happy relaxing :)