Project 1 - Print is not dead
Graphic Studio 2021

For our school assignment ‘Print is not dead’ we had to make an art book for a particular artist for a very specific target audience. Choosing this pair happend randomly by picking two cards out of a plastic cup. 

We picked James Turrell and foresters and created ‘Walking the light’.  Our concept was to create a walk through the forrest that takes one day to do. Each chapter is a colour that associates with the colour of light in the forrest that is visible at that point in the day. We combine pictures of nature and work of James Turrell. Gloom, Dawn, Solar noon, Golden hour, Dusk, After glow and Starry night. Walking the light is the ultimate tool for relaxation and mindfulness.

Assignment with Joséphine Ledoux

Project 2 - KhruangbinAIRPLANEmode

Digital studio 2022

In the digital studio we created an online experience for a band or artist of our choice. I chose Khruangbin (it means airplane) a band located in Texas.  With influences of classic, dub, funk & phychedelia, their music is promised to put you in a relaxed state.

For Khruangbin i created Khruangbin AIRPLANEmode. And extension for the Do Not Disturb function in iOS 15. When the AIRPLANEmode is activated, all social media apps will be blocked and you can chose your goals. Do you want to work of just relax? AIRPLANEmode will create the ultimate environment for your needs. You can make your own preset or you can choose one that is already in the app. 

Happy relaxing :) 

Project 3- Boring Bob

Graphic studio 2021

Boring Bob is the product of an assignment where we had to pick two random music genres out of a cup and combine the two to make a new musical concept. Boring Bob is a combination of New Wave and singer songwriter. He is a very boring man in real life but gives us little hints to his New Wave side in his signature outfit. 

For the assignment we had to make a full brand that includes LP, poster, photoshoot and merch. 

Group assignment with:
Sarah De Laet, Kirsten de Smet & Xena Van Tiggelen

Project 4 - HahaPalooza

Digital studio 2023

In the digital studio we created a fictional festival with a generative branding. I made a comedyfestival named HahaPalooza. The concept was that every bar that wanted to participate could sign up on the website and create their own promotion material. 

I created a database with pictures, gifs, colours, shapes, copy and type that would generate a new picture everytime you would refresh. You just had to put in all the information that you wanted on your post and the database would do the rest. You can make stories, instagram posts, posters and even costers and buttons as merch.

Project 5- Remember To Forget

Graphic studio 

For my final project in the graphical studio I made a book called Remember To Forget. This book is a visual representation of the fading affect bias: a phychological phenomenon where you feel like everything was beter when you where younger. We don’t like to feel sad or angry so our brain protects us from those negative feelings and over the years we simply forget ever feeling them. 

Remember To Forget walks you through a couple of strories about the good, the bad and the fading memories.